The Best Wine for Summer


Summer is when you want to spend time outdoors with friends and family around the grill or on the porch. It’s sunny outside, and that’s lovely. Of course, summer can also be sweltering hot, and a refreshing beverage is in order.

Wine is a beautiful summer beverage, but not every wine is compatible with warm weather. Knowing what wine styles can quench your thirst is the difference between a lovely evening outside and a not-so-enjoyable hot summer day. Here is the best wine for summer, and there’s something for every taste and palate.

1. Dry White Wine

White wine is refreshing, and it’s because it’s more acidic than red wine. Acidity, as in lemonades, keeps us fresh and our thirsts quenched. Of course, white wine is a broad category, and not all white wines are summer friendly.

Avoid rich, oaky wine styles, most often made with Chardonnay. These are cold weather wines, since they keep you warm and cozy. Instead, look for white wines made without oak influence in stainless-steel tanks. The good news? 90% of the white on the market falls into this category.

Wine to try: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Vermentino, Rueda, Albariño, Dry Riesling.

2. Rosé

Rosé is the ultimate summer wine, not only because it is as refreshing as crisp white wine, but also because everyone looks stylish with a glass of pink wine. Rosé is the best of two worlds — white wine’s freshness and red wine’s cherry flavors.

Rosé comes in various sweetness levels, though, and although slightly sweet rosé is delicious, the dryer the wine, the better it is for summer entertainment. There’s more good news. Every wine-producing region makes some type of rosé, so finding a bottle of crisp pink wine is easy.

Wine to try: Provence, any dry rosé.

3. Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is more than a celebratory drink. Sure, there’s nothing like a glass of bubbles to celebrate a special occasion. You might not know that sparkling wine is the most acidic style; therefore, it is incredibly refreshing.

Sparkling wine comes in all sweetness levels, and at all prices, so there’s a bottle of fizz for you. The best sparkling wine for summer is usually dry but not bone dry. Look for brut examples or go for something a bit sweeter. Producers label the sweetest sparkling wine as demi-sec.

Wine to try: Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, Franciacorta or any other sparkling wine.

4. Semi-Sweet Wine

Finally, let’s not forget about the semi-sweet wine category. Not cloyingly sweet but pleasant, these wines are lovely summer wines, especially if served chilled straight out of the fridge.

Sweetness is pleasant at any time of day, especially if balanced with good acidity. That’s what semi-sweet wines bring to the table: pleasantly sweet wines that are easy to drink and never overwhelming. You don’t get tired of these, so sip away! What are your favorite summer wines?

Wine to try: Moscato, Riesling, some Gewürztraminer wines and some wines made with Viognier. There are many others!