Why Should You Try Local Beer Instead of Commercial Ones?


We consume over 2.8 million cases of beer every year, and that’s in the United States alone. In fact, beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage worldwide. We love beer, and that’s not going to change soon.

Still, beer lovers worldwide have been tricked into consuming low-quality beer for over a century. Well, that’s changing fast. Today, craft beer has opened the eyes of beer lovers with real beer that actually tastes good. Here’s why you should try local beer instead of commercial ones.

Commercial Lagers Are No Good

Let’s say it aloud, we all like a cold one from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong with grabbing one of the most common brands. Still, if you’re looking for quality, you won’t find it in industrial beer.

Have you ever noticed craft beer is more expensive than your everyday Coors, Budweiser, Heineken or Corona? That’s because making beer artisanally is no easy feat and can be costly. So, how do some industrial beers produce beer cheaply? That’s simple — they use adjuncts. Beer is supposed to be made with malted barley. Well, rice, corn and other starches are cheaper than malted barley, so big beer companies rely on such adjuncts to make cheaper beer — the result? Tasteless beer.

Craft VS. Industrial Beer

Brewers make craft beer with malted barley, hops, water and yeast, and only a few beer styles call for other ingredients, such as wheat. This is authentic beer, and you know it when you taste it. Industrial beer is made with high amounts of adjuncts in addition to malted barley. Craft beer relies on a wide range of hops to give flavor and bitterness to beer. Industrial beer is rarely hoppy.

Craft beer most likely falls in the “ale beer” category, made with top-fermenting yeast, resulting in flavorful and aromatic brews. Industrial beer is made in the “lager” style, refreshing beers made with bottom-fermenting yeast that results in refreshing but not very flavorful or aromatic brews.

Industrial lager beers are okay if you just want a quick, refreshing beer at a grill party, but if you’re serious about beer and are passionate about it, craft beer is the way to go.

Help Thy Neighbor!

Craft beer is for you if you don’t mind paying extra for high-quality beer. The best part? Thanks to the authentic craft beer revolution we’re living, new breweries are popping up in every town.

What’s the best beer? The one that’s made closer to you. Consuming local beer is better for the environment and the community. And don’t think for a second your local beer is not as good or better than that from better-known brands. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that even the smallest breweries often earn gold medals in national and international competitions.

Small batch, local beer is always of the highest quality, and if it’s fresh, even better. Try consuming local craft beer, and you’ll never go back to industrial lagers, guaranteed.